Oresund Cup (Qualification #1) Oct 5th

The Oresund Cup will see climbers battling against each other across two gyms. They will compete for themselves and for their city’s team. Team Copenhagen or Team Malmö – who is going to win? No matter your level you can support your team with each problem your climb.

You can buy tickets for one of the two events or a combined ticket.

There will be 25 boulder problems at each site, so a total of 50 problems across the two qualification rounds. Every problem will have a zone hold and a top hold. Controlling the zone awards the climber 30 p and controlling the top hold with both hands awards the climber 100 p (the score system was changed from the old format due to the combined team competition).

There will also be a bonus added to their individual score for climbers competing in their “away” Team’s gym. Team Copenhagen climbers in Malmö will get a bonus and vice versa Team Malmö Climbers in Copenhagen.
The finals, between the 6 highest ranking males and females, will be hosted at Beta Boulders on October 19th.

The qualification rounds will follow a format similar to Plastic Fantastic, where each climber has a scorecard and you are responsible for ticking your own problems. The qualificaion format will be the same at both venues.

(Qualification #1)
October 5th, 2019 | From 12:00 to 22:00

Kopparbergsgatan 8, Malmö

Can be bought on site at Klättercentret Malmö for either:
– Qualification #1 Malmö OR
– combined ticket: Qualification #1 at KC and Qulification #1 KC and Qualification #2 + Final at Beta Boulders, Copenhagen

Once you buy a ticket, fill out the Registration Form

More info: https://www.oresund-cup.com


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