Thanksgiving på KC!

Join us for our first ever thanksgiving at Klättercentret! Our new chef from the US is so excited to share her favorite holiday with you. The event will take place on Sunday November 24th beginning at 15:00.

The Thanksgiving buffet will include North American classics such as turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, soup, breads and many different vegetable sides. While this meal will be full of great offerings for the vegetarian customers (as turkey is the star of the show and the only meaty option) it will not be the best for vegans, as most of the food will include butter. The sweet end of the sweet meal will be an assortment of pies à la mode.

Alcohol will not be included in the base price of this event, but coffee, tea and soft drinks are. However, the bar will be open and filled with fun wines and beers from the USA for purchase, as well as the classics from Skåne we always have.

In addition to the food, american football on the big screen, board games and company, free climbing is included in the price. Come and give climbing a shot between 15-17 before the buffet that will be set up and ready to go in the upstairs lounge at 17:15. Prepare to fill your belly with the Thanksgiving bounty.

When: Climbing 15–17 | buffet from 17:15
Where: Klättercentret Skåne, Kopparbergsgatan 8
Price: For adults 375 SEK | For children 10 and younger 150 SEK

This is a limited seating event.
Send your reservation as soon as possible to ensure you have a spot.

Reservation inquiries will be sent to
Please include:
– The number of adults
– The number of children (include age)
– Email
– Phone number

We will get back to you and let you know if we have the space available.

Publicerat den: 12 november, 2019 18:38