Visiting Klättercentret for your first time? Welcome!

For climbing

For climbing and belaying in Klättercentret it is mandatory to carry the national climbing licenses. For top rope belaying the green license is sufficient. For lead climbing and lead belaying the red license is needed.


If you have not got any of the licenses, but have the proper knowledge and skill you can make the exam (called uppklättring, in swedish). The exam consists of a short written test followed by a practical test. If you pass the tests you will receive the green and the red license, depending on which test you take. Give us a call to find a time to preform the test at 08-7300093, or mail us at solna@klattercentret or, depending on which location you are going to visit.

If you do not have the skill and knowledge yet, please attend our basic indoor climbing course (Grundkurs). The course is held over three sessions. Read more about this course here. For information in english, give us a call or email as written above.

Just want to try it one time?

FoThere are different ways to try on climbing at Klättercentret. You can book a introduction to bouldering, 60 minutes with an instructor that cover basic technique and how to read the lines. Prova på (“Try On”) is a course for beginners in top rope climbing, 90 minutes with an instructor that belays . You will be included in a group of 5 persons. We provide this “Prova på” at fixed times on weekends and all necessary equipment are included in the price . All courses can be provided in English, give us a call 08-7300093 to make a reservation.

For bouldering

For bouldering in Klättercentret two things are required. First you need climbing shoes, which you can rent in our reception. Second you need to read our safety rules and preferabely watch our bouldering safety instruction film.