Summer League comes to Helsingborg!


17/6 – 20/8

Format and Rules:

2 competition boulders are built every Monday in Helsingborg.
2 competition boulders are built every Tuesday in Malmö.
Each set of boulders stay in the competition for two weeks.

Grade range 6A – 6C.

Competitors participate by filming themselves climbing the boulders on instagram and tagging the posts with:
#kcsummerleague24 #madrock #hydroflask #chalkcartel #climbskin

Helsingborg and Malmö are seperate competitions.

Climbs completed in Helsingborg count towards the Helsingborg Summer League.
Climbs completed in Malmö count towards the Malmö Summer League.

You can enter both competitions for more chances to win!

At the end of the competition prizes are raffled from the entries from each site.

The more problems you climb, the more chances you have to win!


Awesome prizes from Mad Rock, Hydroflask, Chalk Cartel and Climb Skin!

Grab your phone and Go Climb!