Art Show Flyer

An Art Show in a climbing gym?

What possible link could connect a climbing gym and an Art Show?


To imagine something as yet unrealized, to see something that no-one else can see, to create a new path, to push boundaries and to execute it in a way that is unique to the individual. This is the common thread linking artistic pursuit and physical skill.

This is the  shared vision of the Artist and the Climber.

With that in mind, as part of our Summer Program, Klättercentret Malmö offers a unique space for presenting a collection of works by local artists, for the purpose of bringing our communities together.

Our second floor provides the venue with a large open plan and natural light filled space. This connects to our lounge and bar area where a variety of wine, beer and non alcoholic beverages are available.

Are you an artist?

If you are interested in showing your work we would love to hear from you. Submissions are now open until 31/5

For more information, click here for Art Show FAQ

Contact us to submit your work