Climbing with kids

A climbing gym is an exciting and fun place, but it’s also a dangerous place. As a parent you are responsible for your child’s safety as well as your own. It’s important that you read and follow the rules below when you’re climbing with kids in our gyms.

Choose a calm hour

On weekdays 6pm-9pm and weekends 12pm-4pm our gyms are the most crowded. During most other hours it’s calmer, less people, and therefore safer to climb with kids.

Climb in our kids section

We have an awesome section just for the kids. A bit lower walls and easier climbs. And off course, lot’s of room to have fun. Ask our staff, they will show you the way!

Safe Bouldering

12 year or older

You need to be at least 12 year or older to boulder on your own.

One person at a time

Do not climb bellow each other.

Spotting and the importance of it

To ”spot” someone is a climbing term that means that you take an active part, in this case as the adult. Your job is to make sure that the climber has a clean area to fall on and that he or she lands on their feet.

One child, one adult

Every child needs one active adult in the boulder area. If you bring more than one child, only one of them can climb at once. The others need to wait on their turn.

Don’t run

Running increases the risk of accident. Both for your child and the people climbing.

Don’t play with the ropes

The rope should only be used for climbing, not playing.

Don’t play in the gym area

The gear is only for training and can be dangerous to play with.