Not Quite Real Rock!

A Film Festival…

Not quite real rock

The Not Quite Real Rock Film Festival, is your chance to become the worlds greatest, or perhaps the worlds most abstract storyteller!

Take advantage of this amazing summer, and document your climbing adventures.

Have you battled your latest project in a fight to the death? Have you gone on a mystical journey of enlightenment? Have you realised that for a climber, you are actually pretty good at stand up comedy?

Perhaps you have even mastered the metaphysical art of Honnolding…

We want to see your adventures on the big screen!



not quite real rockCategories include:

Best Film

Most Creative Film

Best Comedy

Best Attempt

Best Junior Film Maker


Submit your Film!

Not quite real rock

Submit your finished film to our panel of ”expert” judges no later than 2/9.
You can enter your film in as many categories as you like.

Upload your film to

and send it to

Acceptable formats are: AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4

File size: Up to 2 GB

Let the games begin!
Wait…Films…Let the films begin!!